‘Teaching Contextual Vocabulary for Group Discussion Skills Using Formulaic Expressions in the ESL Classroom’ by Dr. K.N. Shoba


Group Discussion (GD) is considered as a modern method of assessment of students’ overall personality for selection in interviews towards employment especially in the Indian context. It is also well-known that teachers of English train their students using several strategies to create adequate awareness among students to acquire the essential skills to participate and perform in GDs. Along with personality skills like Assertiveness, Critical Thinking, Leadership, language skills like appropriate Vocabulary for Agreeing, Disagreeing, Summarizing ideas also become indispensable to succeed in a group discussion. However, ESL learners find it difficult to initiate ideas, transit smoothly between ideas and argue politely. Many a time, they come across as aggressive and not assertive. In spite of valid arguments, the discourse markers or rather their lack thereof, create barriers in communication, especially in a GD. This conceptual study analyses the use of formulaic expressions or prefabricated chunks to help learners use them in the most appropriate contexts.

Keywords: Key Words: Contextual Vocabulary, Group Discussion, Formulaic Expressions, Lexical Chunks..

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