‘The Comparative Effects of Using Two Different Story Making Tasks on EFL Learner’s Vocabulary Retention: Label Extending Task Vs Main Plot Finding Task’ by Fatemeh Alipanahi & Seyede Fatemeh Chavoshi


The purpose of the present study was to examine the impact of two different story making tasks (label extending and main plot finding task) on elementary EFL learners’ vocabulary retention. The participants in the present study were 58 EFL learners who were selected out of 90 students, learning English in Zaban-Amooz Language Institute in Zanjan based on their performances on the Nelson-Test. The participants were then divided into experimental groups. One experimental group, known as label extending, was supposed to write a story based on pictures and prompt sentences. The other experimental group, known as main plot finding group, was supposed to change the plot of the story and write a new one. Two experimental groups had to use the newly taught words in their final written drafts.  All the participants took part in a vocabulary retention post – test after the treatment. The two groups’ performances on the post -test were compared by t-test and the results confirmed that there was a significant difference between the effects of using label extending tasks and main plot finding tasks , the participants of the label extending group performed better than the main plot group in their vocabulary retention post – test.

Key words: Label Extending Task, Main Plot Finding Task, Story Making Tasks, Vocabulary Retention.

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