‘The Effect of Assisted Repeated Reading (ARR) vs. SQ3R on Iranian Intermediate EFL Learners’ Narrative Writing’ by Nazila Davari, Nader Assadi & Hanieh Davatghari


This study aimed at to compare the effects of two comprehension methods: SQ3R technique and Assisted Repeated Reading (ARR) technique on Iranian EFL learners’ narrative writing. To do this, the subjects were selected as the control group (n=30) and the SQ3R experimental group (n=30) and the ARR experimental group (n=30). A writing text was given to the sample group to ensure the homogeneity of the subjects’ narrative writing performance. Then treatment sessions were conducted for both experimental groups for eight sessions. The control group didn’t receive any treatment. The reading text was given them and they wrote another narrative writing as post -test. The results showed that participants taught based on SQ3R technique performed better than those that were taught according to ARR technique. Based on the findings of the current study, it is recommended that EFL teachers can use the SQ3R strategy for teaching reading comprehension.

Keywords: SQ3R, ARR, Narrative Writing.

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