‘The Effect of Electronic Portfolios on Promoting Iranian EFL Learners’ Writing Autonomy’ by Fatemeh Baghernezhad & Amir Reza Nemat Tabrizi


The purpose of this study was to investigate the impact of electronic portfolios, as a nontraditional tool, on the writing autonomy of Iranian EFL learners. A particular concern was to examine the potential effect of gender on electronic portfolio by taking the learners writing autonomy into account. The participants were 90 male and female EFL learners to whom the Writing Autonomy Questionnaire was administered to check their homogeneity prior to the study in terms of writing autonomy. The participants were then randomly divided into 2 groups: experimental group (23 females and 22 males) and control group (22 females and 23 males). Whereas members of the control group developed traditional paper portfolios, members of the experimental group used the Internet and online resources to develop and present the same essay portfolios. The results showed that the electronic portfolio procedures improved the writing autonomy of the participants. Also, gender had no impact on writing autonomy.

Index Terms: Electronic portfolios, hypertext link, learning autonomy

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