‘The Effect of Listening on Improving Student’s English Language Reading Comprehension’ by Mojtaba Moradi, Hajar Khanmohammad, Rahil Sheibani


The aim of this study is to investigate whether listening can improve Student’s EL Reading Comprehension.  This study was conducted with 40 learners including 20 male and 20 female junior EFL learners of 18-35, studying at Islamic Azad University IAU, Shiraz, branch, Iran, in 2013. A proficiency test was administered to show their homogeneity and equivalency. They were put into four groups of ten namely:  female experimental and control groups, and male experimental and control ones. A nearly simple short story of eight pages was introduced to both female and male ones. The experimental groups were given the treatment, which was reading and listening the passage of the short story simultaneously, while no treatment was given to the control ones, but just to read the short story. The researcher made use of the T-test to figure out the differences, if any, between the groups. The result showed that the male experimental group answered the reading comprehension questions  better than the male control case, while for the female , the opposite condition came true, that is to say that the female control group had better answers for the reading comprehension than those of the experimental one.

INDEX TERMS — control group, EFL learners, experimental group, intermediate level, proficiency test, short story, T-test.

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