‘The Effect of Planning Pre-writing vs. Post-writing Task on Iranian In-termediate EFL Learners’ Paragraph Writing Ability’ by Pegah Doroudi & Morad Bagherzadeh Kasmani


The present study sought to investigate the effect of pre-writing versus post-writing task on Iranian EFL learners’ paragraph writing ability. 45 intermediate students were selected via administering the OPT, then they divided into three groups of 15 and were randomly assigned to two experimental and one control groups. A pretest of writing was administered to all groups, after that, the researcher applied the pre-writing task for experimental group1  and post-writing task for experimental group 2 for 10 sessions while there was no treatment for the control group. A posttest of writing was then administered to all three groups and the data were analyzed a paired-samples T-test and ANOVA coefficients. The results of the study indicated that the participants performed better when they took part in a test after they were treated with pre-writing and post-writing tasks.

Index Terms: task, pre-writing, post-writing, writing skill.

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