‘The Effect of Task-based Instruction VS. Focus on Forms Instruction on Improving High School Students’ Reading Comprehension Ability’ by Fatemeh Alipanahi & Parinaz Bahari Nemat Abad


The present study investigated the effect of task-based instruction and focus on forms instruction on improving high school students reading comprehension ability. A group of 86 female students within the age range of 14 to 16, studying in the first grade of high school, participated in this study, 60 of whom were considered homogenized. The participants were divided into two groups of thirty. Then, KET test was administered as a pre-test in order to homogenize the participants in terms of the students reading comprehension ability. One of the groups received a task-based instruction and the other one received a traditional focus on forms instruction for teaching reading. Treatment was implemented in two months for about 16 sessions. Since the participants were the school students, they used their own course books, the texts were the same in both groups, but the tasks and activities were different. The researcher was the teacher of both classes and tried to keep the time in both classes the same. At the end, the two groups were given KET reading comprehension tests as the post-test.  And also, a teacher-made achievement test which was constructed based on students’ course-book, was given to measure the two groups’ language proficiency development. An independent sample t-test was used to analyze the data gathered from pre-test, post-test, and achievement test. The results revealed that the learners who were taught through task-based instruction outperformed their counterparts on both post-test and achievement test.

Key words: Task-based instruction, focus on forms instruction, reading comprehension.

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