‘The Effect of Text Modality on the Vocabulary Retention of EFL Students’ by Rahil Sheibani, Hajar Khanmohammad & Mojtaba Moradi


The majority of research studies on vocabulary had defined the incremental stages in vocabulary acquisition and also highlighted the new ways of learning vocabulary or outlined learner autonomy, vocabulary learning strategies. This present research sought to investigate the effect of input modality on the advanced EFL learners’ vocabulary retention rate. For this purpose, from among advanced EFL learners in Rahiyan-e Elm language institute in Shiraz, Iran, 60 students were selected based on their scores in the proficiency test. They were randomly divided to 2 equal groups. These two groups took part in vocabulary test which was regarded as a pre-test. Then, the first group worked on vocabulary trough listening (oral input) and the second group received vocabulary training via reading (visual input) within 3 sessions. After treatments both groups took part in the post-test. It was found that there is no significant difference in vocabulary retention of advanced Iranian EFL learners receiving oral versus those receiving visual input.

Keyword: modality, vocabulary retention, visual input, oral input

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