‘The Relationship between Socio-economic Status and Academic Achievement in an EFL Classroom among Iranian University Students’ by Farid Ghaemi & Mahbubeh Yazdanpanah


The problem of socioeconomic status is getting more and more tangible in universities due to its impacts on the students’ academic achievement. Thus, it is important to have a clear understanding of what benefits or hinders university-age students’ educational attainment. As such, the present research aims to investigate the effects of the socio-economic status on EFL sophomore learners’ academic achievement in the national university of a town in Iran named Rafsanjan. Pearson Product Moment correlation showed that the relationship between SES and GPAs for the participants of this study was so that SES had remarkable relationship with GPAs. However, the direction of this relationship shows that the participants with a mid/high SES had significantly lower GPAs than the participants with a low SES. This finding of the study which is as opposed to the research conductors’ expectations has valuable implications for the educational programs and families.

Key Words: Socioeconomic status, Academic achievement, EFL learners, Grade point average

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