‘The Role of Self-Efficacy and Autonomy in Iranian EFL Teachers Engagement’ by Farid Ghaemi, Maryam Shokrolahi & Seyed Moslem Hashemizadeh


There has been growing interest in the role of teachers in teacher education programs. Hence, this study was conducted to examine the role of teacher efficacy and autonomy in teachers engagement .For this purpose, 80 EFL teachers were sampled from an English language institution in Tehran to answer three questionnaires, teacher self-efficacy scale (TSES), teacher autonomy inventory (TAI), and the Utrecht work engagement scale (UWES).The results of data analysis revealed that both teacher efficacy and autonomy were positively associated with teachers’ engagement. Therefore, it could be concluded teacher self-efficacy and autonomy positively predicted engagement. And more specifically, among the teacher efficacy and autonomy, teacher autonomy with a higher value predicted more changes in teachers’ engagement. The present study shed light opportunities to improve teacher development that impact on not only teachers’ classroom practices but also students’ achievements.

Index Terms: Teacher autonomy, teacher efficacy, teacher engagement.

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