‘The Verb Phrase in Marathi’ by Leena Jadhav


The verb is called ‘kriyapad’ in Marathi, which means an action word. It is as important in Marathi sentence structure as in English. Marathi verbs inflect for person, number and gender of the subject and the direct object in the sentence. Like English, Marathi, too, has inflectional and derivational verb morphology. Verbs in Marathi can be classified into various types depending on different criteria. This paper studies the verb phrase in Marathi from a linguistic point of view. The verb phrase in Marathi consists of minimum one verb and maximum three verbs. It shows contrasts of tense, aspect, mood and voice. After discussing the various types of verbs in detail, the paper explores the different concepts related to the verb phase, namely, finite vs. non-finite verb phrase, tense, aspect, mood and voice. It is very interesting note that Marathi verb phrase also shows morphological contrasts of tense, aspect, mood and voice as that of many other languages in the world. It is very important to understand the difference between tense and aspect as these grammatical categories are often conflated in many Indo-European languages.

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