‘To What Extent the Strategies that Gottlieb Offered in his Subtitling Typology Are Applicable into the Persian-to-English Subtitling?’ by Forouzan Dehbashi Sharif & Alireza Sohrabi


This article aimed to investigate to what extent the Gottlieb model of translation strategies for subtitling was applicable to Persian into English subtitling of TV series ”Madar-e Sefr Darajeh” and if there was any significant difference between the strategies that different Iranian translators applied in English subtitling of TV series ””Madar-e Sefr Darajeh”. According to typology of subtitling strategies proposed by Gottlieb (1992) including transfer, imitation, transcription, expansion, paraphrase, dislocation, condensation, deletion, decimation and resignation, the researchers compared, contrasted, and analyzed the Persian and English subtitles frame by frame and based on the obtained data of this research, found out that all the Gottlieb’s (1992) proposed strategies except ‘’Transcription’’ and ‘’Expansion” were used in the Persian to English translation of subtitles. ‘’Transfer’’ was the first most common strategy and ‘’Paraphrase” strategy was the next common. In finding out the difference between the percentages of the strategies which were used for translating subtitles, the chi-square test showed that there was no significant difference among the applied strategies of Gottlieb’s (1992) model in English translation of the Persian subtitles at the probability levels of 95% and 99%.

Index Terms: Audiovisual Translation, Subtitle, Subtitling

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