Unconventional Materials for Promoting Autonomous Learning (Volume 3 – Issue 6)



Variety is the spice of life! The prescribed textbooks and other teaching materials are quite common to the learners. Handling of such conventional materials can be partially disinteresting and monotonous, too.  Such materials limit the users of their creative and critical thinking, restricting learner autonomy in the long-term learning process. Hence, teachers can use a lot of learner-friendly unconventional supplementary materials such as newspapers, tabloids, stories, jokes, riddles, realia, etc., for ELT (English Language Teaching). The writer attempts to highlight the significance of such materials in promoting learner’s autonomy and critical thinking through a variety of collaborative activities. The article contains an overview of selected unconventional ELT themes and classroom activities for readers to consider.

Keywords: Unconventional, autonomous, materials, activities

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