‘Using E-learning Techniques and Tools for Enhancing Main English Language Skills’ by Khaled Kordi Tamandani and Mehrnaz Jahanshahi


English is one of the most widely spoken and recognizable languages. It has become a part of the cultural and social upbringing of many communities.  The use of E- learning techniques has become a new platform for learning different English Language skills such as reading, listening, writing, and speaking. These skills are the most important factors which lead to a better understanding of English language, vocabulary build up and accent reduction which in-turn effects the language of a person. Various E-learning techniques like online or offline dictionary software, Internet-based materials, and websites, YouTube and Podcast have played a crucial role in improving and learning English Language skills of non-native learners. This paper deals with the incorporation of these techniques for the effective use in acquiring, enhancing, and improving these main English language skills.

Keywords: E-Learning, Internet, MALL, English Language Skills, Dictionary, Computer, Software.

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